2022 Artists

2023 Professional
Local professional artists and crafters showcase their original works with a festive array of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, children’s toys, accessories, photography, textiles, jewelry, and more.

Blazing Star Arts
Award-winning fused glass art
We are captivated by the magic of glass and how a grain of sand has the unique ability to capture, reflect, and transmit light in a way that constantly transforms itself and its surroundings.

Noelle Martin
Playful illustration and design
All my work is handmade and each piece is a tiny reminder of the amazing powers found in imagination, and not taking oneself too seriously.

Nord Skogen Studio
Jewelry and artistic gifts inspired by ancient peoples
My goal is to adorn your body, spirit and sacred space with 100% handmade pieces all inspired by the wild places of the north and our amazing Mother Earth.

Adrian Abrego Arts
Acrylic, spray paint, watercolor paintings
Mix media artist with a passion for creating, displaying, and selling paintings throughout the Antelope Valley.

Phelan Pottery
Hand-thrown bowls, cups and more
Each piece is unique; I hope to share my enjoyment of the handmade with others in the community.

Sanyu's World
Hand-painted clothing, T-shirts, cups, notebooks, stickers
Sanyu has won awards and contests for her art work. Her mission is to create art with a Black girl magic twist that brings happiness to others and inspires them to create.

Irene Grigorio
Glass beads and jewelry, polymer clay jewelry
I've always enjoyed beads of all kinds. When I was a child, I collected shiny rocks, shells, and anything that sparkled. I still do to this day. I started making my glass beads in 2006 and incorporated them into my jewelry pieces. I haven’t stopped since. 

Lorena Uriostegui
Oil and acrylics

Oils and acrylics on handmade canvas with brush, spatula and tools. Chiaroscuro paintings over drawings, with a subject emphasis on the joy of life, love, empathy and fantasy.

Audrey Luca
Acrylic paint and cartoons
Painting is therapeutic. At times life requires thick brush strokes and vibrant colors, combining to create a powerful flow and display raw emotion, the painting begging to be completed.  

Jay's Clay
Clay jewelry and pins

Audrey Jean's Woodworks & Designs

Founder James Nino opened his studio in summer 2020. AJWD’s artistic products are functional for everyday use. AJWD is local to the Antelope Valley. 

Leather God
Leather crafting
I love leather crafting, and nothing is more satisfying than making something beautiful and functional for someone to use every day.

Pilar's Designs
Fiber art
I have a passion for fibre art. Designing and creating handmade macramé pieces is so therapeutic, and seeing the finished piece is wonderfully rewarding to physically touch and enjoy.

Xochilt Garcia
Digital art
Each design is crafted with the intention of bringing the impossible to life. I draw inspiration from what if's and what "wills" that happen throughout world history through gritty digital art.

Kristina Holladay-Fregoso
Leather crafting
My Paintings have a focus on Joshua trees. I've enjoyed painting the free-flowing forms of clouds, fluid skies, and ravens in direct contrast to the sharp elements of Joshua trees.